Take Customer Attraction Mastery to the next level!

Join Me, a Salon Owner of 35 Years, and I'll Show You the Insider Secrets to Confidently Navigating All the Hurdles That Come with Attracting Customers, Marketing Your Business Online, Managing a Team and Running a Business - All While Staying Sane, Profitable and Not Having to Work 24/7!

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Here's The Truth No One Told You At Hair or Beauty School...
Being great at hair or beauty doesn't make you a great salon owner
I get it. We went to hair and beauty school for hair and beauty, NOT for business and marketing skills

But maybe you were great at working with customers 1-1 and it seemed like a natural progression for you to own your own business?

Or maybe you got on with your co-workers really well and thought that meant managing a team would be pretty straight forward?

Or maybe because you wanted the flexibility to choose the hours you worked and what clients you did, owning a salon seemed like the next logical move for you?
But owning a salon can be frustrating!
With all the business skills you are expected to know with absolutely no training...

And today, with all the social media platforms you're supposed to be on, and all the tools that you're supposed to learn, it's hard to keep up, let alone actually bring in new clients from them. 

Especially when you also run a business and do your own clients too!
And if you're like most of my students before they started working with me, then you've probably tried a few courses or downloaded a few PDFs to try make things easier
But your success with them have probably been a bit hit and miss, right?

Sometimes running a business just gets in the way and you have to focus your energy on running your business for a while! Or maybe they've just been overwhelming and confusing and you just didn't really get stuck into it?
Most salon owners think this must be as good as it can get
But the truth is... you deserve better and it's entirely possible for you to have the dream salon owner life! 

You're just currently missing the support and guidance that you need. 

You don't have someone to show you your personal map, help you decipher it, hold your hand along the way, navigate the hurdles when they pop up, and help you get back on track when you get lost!

Sure you can try to figure it out on your own, but that's going to take up your valuable time and energy...

And you've probably started to compromise on your dream because of this, right?! 
Your dream salon life is possible if you have the right support and guidance in place to help you make it a reality.

In this Mentorship Experience, I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to confidently navigate salon ownership and have the dream salon owner life - and it starts with attracting the right customers into your salon. 

And to make this the biggest no-brainer deal ever, I'm going to make the best guarantee I've ever offered, which puts all the risk of your investment on me.
Empowered Salon Business Leaders isn't just a "coaching course"
...It's a 12-Month Mentorship Experience that will change you...

From a Frustrated, Overwhelmed Salon Owner to a Confident Empowered Salon Business Leader
  • Discover the true joy of moving towards your salon owner vision that you had when you started and have support to redefine and go after that dream.
  • ​Uncover the hidden reasons why salons fail and navigate through these to success instead of failure.
  • ​You get the clarity to focus on the RIGHT things in your salon - so you don't waste your time on things that don't grow your business. 
  • You're put on a path to get results - instead of just piling on more learning.
  • It turns everything you think you know about how a successful salon works on its head so any fears of failure that once held you back, never hold you back again. 
Let me show you what's waiting for you in Empowered Salon Business Leaders once you become a member...
Lifetime access to the Current Version of Customer Attraction Mastery, which includes 6 Proven, Step-by-Step Trainings and 4 Massive Bonuses, plus all Future Versions (Value: $6,000) 

Plus 12 months access to...
Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Calls (Value: $24,000)
Gain instant access to the vault of previous monthly calls, PLUS the following upcoming calls...
  • ​Discover how to create a salon vision that takes your desires and turns them into a reality
  • ​Eliminate stress and overwhelm so that inner peace is your new normal
  • ​The single most important factor to empowering your salon leadership
  • ​What your clients don't tell you about why they don't come back
  • ​What the salon coaches who don't own sales have gotten wrong in these uncertain times
Quarterly Discovery Bootcamps (Value: $20,000)
Mastermind and grow your salon business without stress and overwhelm
  • Learn the things the banks don't tell you about successful business ownership
  • ​Master the attraction and connection strategies that have skyrocketed successful salon brands
  • ​Get accountability, resources, goal guidance and vision planning your business deserves
Want to talk with Kirsten about whether this is the right option for you?
"Before this journey, I felt overwhelmed and just had no roadmap. Now I feel confident and prepared"
Joy Clark, Owner of Shear Urbanity 
Enrol in Empowered Salon Business Leaders Today!
Check out these bonuses I have for you!
When you join Empowered Salon Business Leaders, you also get 2 MASSIVE Bonuses to make your progress even faster and your success even easierStarting with...
Bonus #1: Empowered Salon Business Leaders Community
(VALUE: $10,000) In the PRIVATE Facebook Group, you'll have the support from a community of Empowered Salon Business Leaders on a daily basis!
  • Build lasting relationships with other salon owners who are facing the same challenges as you
  • Celebrate the wins with a community who really appreciate what you are achieving
  • ​Tap into a constant supply of inspiration
  • ​Feel stuck or lost? Need help or advice? Empowered Salon Business Leaders are never alone!
Bonus #2: 1-1 LIVE Social Media, Brand & Website Strategy Session
(VALUE: $5,000) Learn the latest strategies that are creating reliable, engaged and connected customers using online tools, and implement them with Kirsten's help.
  • Kirsten will perform a personalised, in-depth audit of your Facebook, Instagram and Website
  • Ultimate optimising saves you time and money
  • ​Be prepared and ready to bring in more customers faster and keep them coming back
My goal is to help you confidently navigate salon ownership
I'm going to give you 90 days to try Empowered Salon Business Leaders and prove to yourself that it'll deliver the results I'm promising you. 

If it doesn't then all you need to do is contact my team and they'll happily refund your investment. 

But full disclosure... there is one catch. 

You have to show me you did the work.

And the reason is simple... nothing works unless you use it.
Want to talk with Kirsten about whether this is the right option for you?
When you join Empowered Salon Business Leaders, you get instant lifetime access to the current and future versions of Customer Attraction Mastery (Value: $6,000)
  • PLUS, you get Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Calls to answer your questions, clear up doubts and keep you motivated and on track (Value: $24,000)
  • ​And not to mention, Quarterly Business Bootcamps to plan out your quarterly attraction and connection focus for your business (Value: $20,000)
  • ​You get access to the Exclusive Empowered Salon Business Leaders Community for consistent support, relationship building and accountability from those around you (Value: $10,000)
  • PLUS a LIVE 1-1 Social Media, Brand & Website Strategy Session (Value: $5,000)
That makes everything worth well over $50,000!
So now it's time for you to make one of two choices...
The first choice is to choose to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing... then nothing changes. 

BUT, if you already know that you want to Confidently Navigate Salon Ownership and Have Your Dream Salon Owner Life, then your choice is obvious: join us inside Empowered Salon Business Leaders.

Simply click the button below and I'll be waiting for you on the inside! 
But Choose Quickly!
Because this incredible offer won't be available forever...
You'll miss out on the chance to Confidently Navigate Salon Ownership for only $1,247 today!
You CAN do it. With the right mindset, the right tools, and with the right support you can transform your salon and your life

And I will be there to help. 

So don't waste anymore time dreaming about what could be. Join us now and make your dreams a reality. 
Enrol in Empowered Salon Business Leaders Today!
Is this experience for me?
Great question! Let's go over who Empowered Salon Business Leaders is for so you can figure out if it's a good fit for you!
  • Committed salon owners who know that success comes quicker with support and guidance​​.
  • ​Salon owners who are frustrated seeing their vision unrealised and want the next 12 months to be a level up from the previous year.
  • ​Salon owners who are invested in empowering themselves and want to reduce the amount of wasted time, money and effort trying to figure it out, or not, on their own. 
  • ​Purpose-minded salon owners who want to embrace business and implement structures so that they can confidently grow their business.
  • You are committed to utilising your time more wisely and know that where you spend your time should give valuable results
  • You are not afraid of success and brining your vision to life
I already have Customer Attraction Mastery and haven't finished it yet. Is this just more work?
Think of Customer Attraction Mastery as the road map and me as your guide. I understand that sometimes the map gets put down or can be confusing. 

But with Empowered Salon Business Leaders, I'm the guide that keeps you on track, corrects you if you take the wrong turn, adds extra detail for your personal journey, and can see the destination and help you get there. 

Yes, you can get to the destination on your own, but with Empowered Salon Business Leaders, I can help you get to the destination faster and with more confidence.
What if now isn't the right time?
So when is the right time? Do you know? 

In fact, if you don't know, how long have you been putting THIS off and using "now isn't the right time" as your excuse? How much longer are you willing to put it off?

The truth is... if this year has shown us anything, the time is NEVER perfect or right, is it? But when you get clear on something you want, and you get committed to making it happen, you MAKE the time. 

And that's the choice you're going to have to make right now... are you going to continue feeling overwhelmed, waiting for someday where things just get easier (which never comes) or are you going to MAKE IT HAPPEN? If not now, when?
I'm busy... I don't have time for this
I get it... I'm a salon owner too. Our time is limited.

But, wouldn't you rather have support to implement these strategies and systems so that you have more time? 

Like the muscles that get stronger quicker with a fitness coach, confidence gets stronger with support and guidance. Wouldn't you rather feel confident using social media platforms so you are more productive on them and have more time for other things? 

Wouldn't you rather have a proven system and support in place that you can tap into that reduces time lost searching for answers and trying to figuring it out on your own?

Can you really afford not to invest in support to implement these strategies and systems  so that you get results faster? 

It's just your choice whether you're going to invest some of your time now to make it happen or wait 12 months, realise you're still in the same position, and then have to spend the time then anyways!
Will this experience pay for itself?
Absolutely! The lifetime value of 1 NEW high-value client is enough to cover your investment. I guarantee that applying the trainings will bring much more than 1 new customer and I stand by that with my 90-Day Conditional Guarantee.
What can I expect once I enrol in Empowered Salon Business Leaders?
Once you have enroled, you will receive an email with the link to the Private Facebook Community. Upon joining the community, you get INSTANT 12-month access to the vault of previous group coaching calls and bootcamps, plus future calls and bootcamps.

If you are not already a member of Customer Attraction Mastery, you will also be emailed a link to the Customer Attraction Mastery online portal, where you get instant lifetime access to the course.
What is the guarantee/refund policy for Empowered Salon Business Leaders?
We offer a 90-Day Conditional Guarantee. We do not offer refunds. 

All I require is that you've attended the LIVE Group Coaching Calls and Bootcamps or watched the replays, plus submitted the worksheets for feedback. This is my commitment to you. 

I want there to be NO RISK whatsoever when you decide to enrol and join the Mentorship.
I want to join with a payment plan, what are my options?
Yes, we offer a 3-part payment plan. The first instalment is paid upon your enrolment, and the remaining two instalments are due in one month and two months, respectively. You will be notified via email when these payments are due.

When you enter the 3-part payment plan, you are committing to fulfilling all three payments. Failure to make any of the three payments results in the immediate termination of your access to Empowered Salon Business leaders and you will no longer qualify for the 90-Day Conditional Guarantee.
Is there any support available if I have questions or get stuck?
As a member of Empowered Salon Business Leaders, I want you to know "I've got your back!". You have FOUR unique ways to get the support and feedback you need!

1. The Private Facebook Community. This is your community. This is your chance to ask questions and get feedback about your marketing. I'm in there every week with updates and insights, plus to answer any questions. 

2. Your LIVE Group Coaching Calls. As a member, you get access to LIVE Group Coaching Calls with me and the other mentorship students. Any content questions or clarifications you need need can be directed to me LIVE on our calls.

3. My Support Team. Any "technical" issues about your membership (login, billing, etc.) can be addressed immediately by our Support Team at any time at info@salonownersolutions.com

4. Me. If you have any questions or want feedback, please reach out to me via email kirsten@salonownersolutions.com
Want to talk with Kirsten about whether this is the right option for you?
Enrol in Empowered Salon Business Leaders Today!
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