Filling your salon with customers who have the services you recommend, buy take-home products, come back and recommend their friends doesn't need to be some distant dream. 

It can be YOUR reality - and it doesn't have to take a constant cycle of overwhelm, frustration and wasted time on strategies that don't get results!

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Here's The Truth No One Told You About Owning a Salon...
Attracting dream customers to your salon that appreciate your expertise, buy your products, want more of your services and then rebook is tough!
And today, with all the social media platforms you need to be on, and all the tools you need to learn, it's hard to keep up, let alone get attention!

Especially when you're not only competing with other salons for attention... but now you have to compete with every business that has something to offer to your fans and followers online. 
And if you're like me before I mastered this, then you probably feel that it's too difficult and time-consuming
You're probably wondering why what you're doing isn't working, especially since everyone else is doing the same thing and it seems to be working for them...

You've probably blamed Facebook and Instagram for your lack of results, right?
I get it. And it's not your fault
The truth is... Hair and Beauty School didn't teach us any of this

Yes, we learned how to communicate with our customers once we got them in the chair, but as you already know, that doesn't translate to be able to communicate with them outside of the salon. 

And when you started, you may have found something that worked... but business is constantly changing and how we communicate with our fans, followers and customers needs to adapt with this.
But the thing is... salon's are always loosing customers
So if you don't learn strategies to bring in new quality customers and keep connected with your current ones so that your business is progressing, then your business is going backwards...

and can you afford that?
Show me JUST ONE successful salon you look up to that doesn't know how to successfully attract their dream customers into their salon and keep them coming back?


That's because they know what you may not have realised until right now:

People take the next step to become customers from online platforms when they 'Like, Know and Trust' YOU. Especially in the hair and beauty industry where customers put a huge amount of faith in our skills and the work we do. They need to TRUST you.

And people can't trust you if your salon doesn't communicate in a way that builds connection and authority, provides the solutions to their problems, and delivers on their desires.

In fact what most struggling and frustrated salon owners actually do online sends conflicting messages, confusing their followers and turning them off ever wanting to visit their salon.

In this course, I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to build trust, attract dream clients and keep them - and it starts with identifying who your dream customers are and learning to communicate and connect with them.

And to make this the biggest no-brainer deal ever, I'm going to make the best guarantee I've ever offered, which puts all the risk of your investment on me.
Customer Attraction Mastery isn't a "social media training" like the others you may have taken
...It's a 6-Training transformation process that will change you...

From a Frustrated, Overwhelmed Salon Owner to a Confident, Empowered Salon Leader
  • You discover who your dream customers are so you know who you want in your business, where they are and how they can find you - so you don't waste your time attracting deal-seekers that waste your time!
  • You get clarity on strategies that actually deliver results - because I know that you are busy and I don't want you to waste your time on things that don't grow your business.
  • You recognise that to build authentic connection that turns followers and fans into customers, you need to have strategic content creation.
  • You get all the "plug-and-play" templates that save you time so you can spend more time on the things you love in your business.
  • You're given the map to find the gold in the river that is your dream clients - so that you can avoid the mines that could blow up your business.
  • It turns everything you think you know about how a successful salon works on its head. So any fears of failure that once held you back, never hold you back again. 

The proven and tested success method to take you from a frustrated and overwhelmed salon owner to an Empowered, Confident Salon Leader so that you can live the salon owner life you dreamed of when you started

ATTRACT dream customers and the successful salon life you want with ease. 

STRUCTURE. Simple, smart frameworks that takes all the hard work out of salon ownership so that your business is measurable and consistent.

CONNECTION done wrong is pushy and sales-y. Done right this is the cornerstone of salon success with customers, your team and community.

EMPOWER confidence to go after what you want.

NURTURE and deepen relationships to transform your life. 

DELEGATE so you can spend time on the salon things you love.

"You have turned my lockdown into such a positive experience"

I absolutely loved it all. I will definitely be taking the A.S.C.E.N.D. Salon Method back to my salon with me. You have turned my lockdown into such a positive experience... I have shared so much with my team creating an enthusiastic vibe between us all ... Thank you Kirsten
- Tracie Morgan, Owner of Hair by Talents
"My first post on social media received more comments on one post than any in the last two years"
Tarah Blackwell, Owner of Salon 41
"I now have a plan I am implementing for growth and the resources to support me"
Dawn Marie Baker, Owner of The Aveda Salon
"I've gotten 6-8 new clients in the first week, 12 new clients this last week"
Dana Windus, Owner of Love The Look
Lifetime Access to this Self-Study Version of Customer Attraction Mastery, which includes 6 Proven, Step-by-Step Trainings
Training #1: Find What Success Looks Like For You
How successful salons actually run their businesses so you can spend time on the things you love
  • Identify thoughts about business that could be holding you back from the success you want without you even realising it
  • ​​The single most important thing about your audience growth
  • ​​Uncover and reveal your true brand identity so you don't get lost in all the noise your customer faces everyday
Training #2: Engage: Silent Follower to Fan
A proven process for creating engagement and connection
  • The secret to converting your followers and fans into customers
  • ​​The single most important factor for your social media engagement that attracts customers without spending hours each week
  • ​​The quickest way to grow your social media following in the next 30 days
Training #3: Attract: All the Customers You Could Want
Successful salons do more than just sell product and services. They sell an experience
  • The sneaky way to captivate your potential customers so that you can ditch the sales-y copy techniques
  • ​Discover the key to effective communication skills so that you can build more trust with your customers
  • ​The proven formula for creating Powerful Solutions and irresistible offers that you customers actually want
Training #4: Hack the Technology that Gets Results
Uncover simple techniques to cut through the confusion and finally make tech work for you
  • Simple salon specific tools and trainings that work for YOUR business
  • Work less and get more done
  • ​What most courses never teach you about online tools
Training #5: Facebook Insider's Guide
Discover why 95% of salon's get Facebook wrong
  • The truth about why salons really fail using Facebook and it's not what you think
  • ​What's actually getting in the way of your success
  • The fastest and easiest way to go from frustrated to empowered
  • ​How to automate and let go so your marketing works for YOU!
Training #6: Attraction and Connection to Transform your Business (Coming Soon)
Discover how to create the right type of Powerful Solutions and position your salon and stylists as the solution
  • ​The proven formula to take your followers and fans to customers who LOVE what you are offering
  • ​Clearly understand how everything in your business works together to deliver profits and freedom
  • ​What the salon coaches who don't own salons have gotten wrong in these uncertain times 
Imagine How You Will Feel...
Confident. Knowing that you can create a business you love owning and working in.
Empowered. To live your salon vision you always desired.
Successful. Proven strategies will guide you on your journey out of frustration and overwhelm to salon owner success.
Connected to you why, values and culture, plus the knowledge on how to bring that to life with dream customers.
Customer Attraction Mastery may not be cheap, but it shows you how to get the results you desire. It's not some $15 monthly membership or $99 newsletter subscription.

It's a small investment in yourself that you can get back with 1 NEW CLIENT

Think about the value of 1 client in your salon... the kind that comes in every 4-6 weeks, buys the extras and recommends their friends. That's at least $5,000!

Now times that by TEN. 

When you weigh all that against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, then it's an easy choice.  

And because I want every salon owner to fill their books with dream clients, I'm committed to making Customer Attraction Mastery as accessible as possible so as many of you who want to can use it to become a confident, empowered salon leader... 

Customer Attraction Mastery in my Empowered Salon Business Leaders Mentorship Experience is usually $997However, I've decided to take 45% OFF, and create a self-study version, for an investment of just three instalments of $179!
That's right! You can join Customer Attraction Mastery for just $179 TODAY!
"I feel like I have been reminded of why I started my salon & have a much clearer goal and vision to work towards"
Elizabeth Martin, Owner of The Guillotine Hair Artistry
"She [Kirsten] really simplified things in a way that is easy to understand for someone who has no background in marketing & advertising"
Maddy Gavle, Stylist at Salon 3|5 
"I've definitely had my eyes opened to the customer journey. It has really allowed me to understand the process from a client perspective"
Melissa Edwards, Owner of Blushed and Beautiful
Join Customer Attraction Mastery Today
(JUST $997 $179 TODAY)
For questions or help with your purchase, contact our Customer Support Team at
My goal is to help you book out your salon
I'm going to give you 90 days to try Customer Attraction Mastery and prove to yourself that it'll deliver the results that I'm promising. 

If it doesn't, then all you need to do is contact my team and they'll happily refund your investment. 

But full disclosure... there is one catch. 

You have to show me you did the work.

And the reason is simple... nothing works unless you use it.
I have some extra "goodies" for you
The 6 Trainings in this Self-Study Version of Customer Attraction Mastery will completely transform you and your business. But that's only the beginning!

When you join, you also get 3 MASSIVE BONUSES to make your progress even faster and your success even easier!
Starting with...
Bonus #1: Done For You Copy & Headline Templates
(VALUE: $2,000) Struggling time with what to say and how to say it?
  • ​Save time with proven copy templates and headlines so that you get more than 3 seconds of attention
  • ​Learn easy to follow copy patterns that don't fall flat, but instead have your customers wanting more
Bonus #2: How to Create Easy Videos for Social Media
(VALUE: $500) What is it about video that makes audience growth so much easier?
  • ​Tap into the powerful elements of image and video and its connection to your customers' emotions
  • ​Afraid of going LIVE? BUST this mindset and stand out from the competition
  • ​Create simple, easy to use videos without a big budget
Bonus #3: Designing Your Powerful Solutions
(VALUE: $4,000) Powerful Solutions don't sell themselves. They need to be communicated as Irresistible Offers!
  • ​Learn my 16-point Powerful Solution creation method so your dream customers can't resist what you are offering
  • ​It's time to overhaul how you communicate what you do once and for all, and create revenue and profits instead of deals and sales that just loose you money
"I cannot believe how easy the steps are to understand and implement right away"
Joy Clark, Owner of Shear Urbanity 
When you join this Self-Study Version of Customer Attraction Mastery you get instant access to the 6 trainings - videos and exercises with strategies to Book Out Your Salon With Dream Customers (Value: $997)
  • PLUS, you get all my proven and profitable Done For You Copy & Headline Templates to build the 'Like, Know & Trust' factor with your fans and followers (Value: $2,000)
  • ​A bonus trainings on How to Create Easy Videos for Social Media (Value: $500) and Designing Your Powerful Solutions (Value: $4,500)
That makes everything worth well over $5,000!
So now it's time for you to make one of two choices...
The first choice is to choose to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing... then nothing changes. 

BUT, if you already know that you want to proven strategies to Book Out Your Salon without wasting your time, then your choice is obvious: join us inside Customer Attraction Mastery and start the transformation to growing your salon with your dream customers.

Simply click the button below and I'll be waiting for you on the inside! 
But Choose Quickly!
Because this incredible offer won't be available forever...
You'll miss out on the chance to Book Out Your Salon with Dream Customers for only $179 today!
You CAN do it. With the right mindset, the right tools, and with the right support you can transform your salon and your life

And I will be there to help. 

So don't waste anymore time dreaming about what could be. Join us now and make your dreams a reality. 
For questions or help with your purchase, contact our Customer Support Team at
Is this course for me?
Great question! Let's go over who Customer Attraction Mastery is for so you can figure out if it's a good fit for you!
  • ​Salon owners who are frustrated seeing their vision unrealised and want the next 6 months to be a level up from the previous year
  • ​Salon owners who are tired of the 'spray and pray' methods of attracting clients to their salon and are exhausted by the constant social media whirlwind of posting and not seeing results
  • ​Committed salon owners who want to stop wasting time and instead use proven time saving strategies to get the success they planned for when they started their salons.
  • ​Salon owners who know that great customers are at the heart of a successful salon and want to remove the amount of wasted money and effort trying to figure out how to attract and retain them on their own.
  • ​Purpose minded salon owners who own success on their terms and are not afraid to go after it.
Do I need to be tech savvy to do this?
I will guide you through the simple technologies you need to set up your attraction strategies. I will show you exactly how it works with 'How to' guides, frameworks and structures that you can follow. 

It's normal to get worried about this part, but with the resourcefulness you have shown by being a salon owner, you have proven that you can take on challenges and conquer them... this is no different. This time you have my guidance to help you.
What if now isn't the right time?
So when is the right time? Do you know? 

In fact, if you don't know, how long have you been putting THIS off and using "now isn't the right time" as your excuse? How much longer are you willing to put it off?

The truth is... if this year has shown us anything, the time is NEVER perfect or right, is it? But when you get clear on something you want, and you get committed to making it happen, you MAKE the time. 

And that's the choice you're going to have to make right now... are you going to continue feeling overwhelmed, waiting for someday where things just get easier (which never comes) or are you going to MAKE IT HAPPEN? If not now, when?
I'm busy... I don't have time for this
I get it... I'm a salon owner too. Our time is limited.

But, wouldn't you rather have support to implement these strategies and systems so that you have more time? 

Like the muscles that get stronger quicker with a fitness coach, confidence gets stronger with support and guidance. Wouldn't you rather feel confident using social media platforms so you are more productive on them and have more time for other things? 

Wouldn't you rather have a proven system and support in place that you can tap into that reduces time lost searching for answers and trying to figuring it out on your own?

Can you really afford not to invest in support to implement these strategies and systems  so that you get results faster? 

It's just your choice whether you're going to invest some of your time now to make it happen or wait 12 months, realise you're still in the same position, and then have to spend the time then anyways!
Will this course pay for itself?
Absolutely! The lifetime value of 1 NEW high-value client is enough to cover your investment. I guarantee that applying the trainings will bring much more than 1 new customer and I stand by that with my 90-Day Guarantee.
What can I expect once I join Customer Attraction Mastery?
Upon completing your investment, you will receive an email with the link to the Online Portal that houses the content.

Once you've created your account for the online portal, you get instant lifetime access to this self-study version of Customer Attraction Mastery to go through at your own pace.
I want to work more closely with Kirsten - what are my options?
My 12-Month Mentorship Experience, Empowered Salon Business Leaders, is for you!

As a member of Empowered Salon Business Leaders, I will take you to the next level with Monthly Group Coaching Calls & Quarterly Discovery Bootcamps.

Plus, you'll receive lifetime access to the current and all future versions of Customer Attraction Mastery

You'll also have access to the Empowered Salon Business Leaders Community and receive a 1-1 LIVE Social Media, Brand & Website Strategy Session. 

Let me help YOU get the results you want faster and with more confidence.

If this sounds like you, click the button below.
What is the guarantee/refund policy for Customer Attraction Mastery?
We offer a 90-Day Conditional Guarantee. We do not offer refunds. 

All I require is that you've completed the trainings and submitted the worksheets for feedback. This is my commitment to you.

I want there to be NO RISK whatsoever when you decide to enrol and join Customer Attraction Mastery!
I want to join with a payment plan, what are my options?
Yes, we offer a 3-part payment plan. The first instalment is paid upon your enrolment, and the remaining two instalments are due in one month and two months, respectively. You will be notified via email when these payments are due.

When you enter the 3-part payment plan, you are committing to fulfilling all three payments. Failed payments will result in termination of your access to the Customer Attraction Mastery online portal and you will no longer qualify for the 90-Day Conditional Guarantee.
Do you show me how to set up and use Facebook advertising?
Yes, the Facebook Insider's Guide will explain all the ins and outs of setting up your Facebook backend with strategies to get results.
Is it going to cost extra money to set up the tools?
No... social media, email and your website are the main tools we use. We go through these free options in the trainings.
Is there any support available if I have questions or get stuck?
You have TWO unique ways to get the support and feedback you need!

1. Me. If you have any questions or want feedback, please reach out to me via email

2. My Support Team. Any "technical" issues about your membership (login, billing, etc.) can be addressed immediately by our Support Team at any time at
Can my team go through this course with me?
Yes, and I encourage it! If you have a team or want to grow one these trainings are perfect. I understand the power of working together with your team and the transformations that can propel your business growth forward.

Using these strategies I won NZ Workplace of the Year and have been featured in National media to help salon owners navigate the current landscapes we find our selves and our businesses in with our teams and customers.
Join Customer Attraction Mastery Today
(JUST $997 $179 TODAY)
For questions or help with your purchase, contact our Customer Support Team at
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